Complement Pharma was founded in September 2017 with the aim to take the preclinical program initially developed by the company Regenesance and Prof. Frank Baas his academic lab to the clinic.

The role of complement in many disorders is becoming more clear and several successful trials and product introductions are executed. With a broad preclinical package and a proprietary position in the terminal pathway, especially complement C6 inhibition to treat neurodegeneration, Complement Pharma has an unique position.

Complement Pharma focuses on C6, as we believe that the specific characteristics of C6 make it a favorable target. C6 inhibition has a good safety profile and major impact on disease progression, both shown in several animal models.

Complement Pharma has a secure patent position focused on complement inhibition to fight neurodegeneration. In addition, Complement Pharma has developed a proprietary humanized C6 animal model and collaborates with leading international CROs to further strengthen her preclinical package and continuous development of new programs.

The lead program CP 010 is a humanized monoclonal antibody that strongly binds to C6 in circulation and systemic delivery results in strong inhibition of C6 function, including CNS, up to therapeutic levels. CP 010 is being developed for the treatment of acute nerve damage.

Complement Pharma was founded in 2017 with the support of undisclosed informal investors, based on the goal to deliver an alternative to patients suffering from devastating acute and chronical neurodegenerative diseases and to deliver shareholder value for the supportive investors.